Creating more interpretive listening exercises

Some students listed that listening is still difficult for them, so I wanted to develop different activities on that this summer.  I discovered an old archive of langchat which suggested giving students a written summary of a listening activity to correct.  This is a great activity for beginners! I also want to further expand on myContinue reading “Creating more interpretive listening exercises”

Revamping some of my listening activities

As I posted before, at the end of the year, I ask students different reflection questions.  While many times, some students LOVE an activity and others think it is the WORST activity ever, sometimes they match up.  This year, a few of my students wrote that the listening activities were difficult.  Now, I do differentContinue reading “Revamping some of my listening activities”

Spicing up listening activities

Another one of my confessions: I enjoy using the listening activities from the book.  These are not the exclusive activities that I use for listening, but I like them because: They are pre-made.  I already have a lot of prep. The vocabulary is repetitive and condensed. They are quick!  I can cover one to twoContinue reading “Spicing up listening activities”

Two listening activities are better than one!

I am trying to not only blog about my favorites on Friday, but also use them in my class.  This past week, I used an idea from Martina Bex with the fork idea that I blogged about this past Friday.  I described a scene in Spanish and had students draw it.  After that, I gaveContinue reading “Two listening activities are better than one!”

Commercials in Spanish

In last week’s #langchat on Twitter, we were discussing incorporating culture.  On a side conversation, we ended up discussing good websites for Spanish commercials.  I think it is important to remember that commercials are an easy way to show culture in class, and they are an authentic resource.  Here are some ideas: 1.  Here isContinue reading “Commercials in Spanish”

…And then my baby vomited on me

The past two days, my child has spit up on both outfits that I was wearing.  This has required a quick costume change before work.  However, I decided that my misfortune could be turned into a listening activity.  I described my morning, and then I had my students recap in English.  I could have alsoContinue reading “…And then my baby vomited on me”

Airplane Videos

For the airport unit, I found the following videos to use.  They are commercials for different airlines in Spanish-speaking countries. If you want to show an “in-flight” movie to simulate a trip, I recommend the MisCositas videos.  Hope these help with your airplane unit!