Path2Proficiency Blog Post!

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I obviously LOVE reading other blogs.  One of my favorite blogs is Path2Proficiency.  I devour every blog that is posted.  When Thomas reached out to me with the possibility to blog for them, I was PUMPED.  Actually that is an understatement!  I have been really excited everContinue reading “Path2Proficiency Blog Post!”

#teach2teach Grading for accuracy versus grading for correctness

I wanted to jump back on the #teach2teach bandwagon!  The question about grading for accuracy versus grading for content is a good one.  We are in the process of developing more Integrated Performance Assessments.  I echo what Amy said about the importance of rubrics.  If you look at many rubrics, the questions are clear.  ForContinue reading “#teach2teach Grading for accuracy versus grading for correctness”

Simple Sunday: What Kind of Teacher Are You?

I am feeling reflective this weekend, and I wanted to participate in Laura‘s amazing sentence starter activity. I am a good teacher because: I collaborate, and I have hobbies.  I think it is so important to collaborate and share with other teachers, and I am happy to use their ideas as well.  I also loveContinue reading “Simple Sunday: What Kind of Teacher Are You?”

#teach2teach Troubling times teaching and how to overcome

I am going to chime in with #teach2teach question three which was how to overcome troubling times.  Luckily, I cannot think about too many difficult times that I have had.  One of my difficult times was when I was teaching in elementary school.  The curriculum was very basic, and I had only been teaching forContinue reading “#teach2teach Troubling times teaching and how to overcome”

Made It Monday: Summer Proficiency Pack

Happy Monday!  This week is my last full week with my students- then it is SUMMER.  Although we are ALL ready for summer, I have some great students that I will miss next year.  I always wish that I could teach them all again and new ones.  The good news is that I will getContinue reading “Made It Monday: Summer Proficiency Pack”