Interpersonal Evolution

Each year, I end up with some surprise focus.  I can never determine what it is at the beginning of the year (sorry to my principal and department chair!), but naturally I find something along the way that I realize I need to focus on.  Then, I continue to work on it throughout the year. Continue reading “Interpersonal Evolution”

Interpersonal assessment successes

I have continued to work on developing the interpersonal assessments and facilitation.  It seemed to be work out well as a start.  My colleague and I decided to start with an introductory unit discussing what to see and do in our community, the DC area for our level 3.  For our interpersonal assessment, students couldContinue reading “Interpersonal assessment successes”

Reflection: Tertulia in Spanish V

Halfway through the year, I found this tertulia idea on Facebook, and I thought this was the perfect idea for my level 5 class.  (I think this could easily be adapted for a level 4 class as well!)  Each class has 9 students, so we divided into 3 groups then each group took one Friday.  Overall,Continue reading “Reflection: Tertulia in Spanish V”

Scaffolding interpersonal assessment for level 1

As I always write (but add again because if you haven’t seen it- you need it in your life!), my life changed when I found out about Rebecca’s Interpersonal Bootcamp!  I had always dreaded doing speaking assessments- they seemed stilted and forced and time consuming!  I would either have to dedicate time to talking toContinue reading “Scaffolding interpersonal assessment for level 1”

Database: Effective prompts

In my quest to develop IPAs, I have some prompts for interpersonal speaking and presentational writing that end up taking off!  Almost all students write a TON of information and continue to write as much as they can about the topic.  Some ideas flop.  I have students write the minimum required, and really do notContinue reading “Database: Effective prompts”

One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking

This trimester, I have started teaching level 5.  I keep encouraging them to speak more in Spanish to various degrees of success.  However, this idea ensured that everyone spoke Spanish evenly.  As I have stated before, I really did not like presentational speaking until I saw Laura’s idea which focuses predominantly on interpersonal speaking.  MyContinue reading “One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking”

Where I remind myself again that I am much better when I write things down

I am in the current transition out of bellringers.  (And not ready to post QUITE yet.)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this is quite the heartbreaker for me!  During the bellringer, I had time to check in with kids individually, check their homework and take attendance.  However, I have noticed thatContinue reading “Where I remind myself again that I am much better when I write things down”

Take three icebreaker/brain break

  Today, our wonderful Assistant Principal shared an awesome icebreaker.  I enjoyed it, and it could easily be done in levels 2-3 or higher in the target language.  Here is how it worked: Students are in groups of 3-4 people. Everyone says “take three.” One person gives a category to another person in the group.  ForContinue reading “Take three icebreaker/brain break”