Quick tip: A variation on an old game for novels!

It is interesting that students love certain games certain years.  One of my Spanish V classes loves the game that we play with weekend chat.  I love that I can alter this game easily to work with what we are doing.  We had just finished reading the novel Calaca Alegre.  I decided to play theContinue reading “Quick tip: A variation on an old game for novels!”

Salad Bowl: A fun vocabulary game for FL classes

In our advisory, we had students bring games to play today.  One of my amazing students brought the game Salad Bowl!  It would be PERFECT to shake up your traditional game of charades. First you have everyone in the class write down one or two vocabulary words on a piece of paper.  You can collect themContinue reading “Salad Bowl: A fun vocabulary game for FL classes”

Online review game for fast finishers

Typically, I like to have activities ready for students who finish early.  I have had Zondle available, but it recently folded unfortunately.  Last year, I stuck with Quizlet and Quia, but students didn’t play Quia as much.  They also became bored with Quizlet ALL the time. Recently, I found Review Game Zone.  I like itContinue reading “Online review game for fast finishers”

#tbt en la clase de español

We are working on the past tenses in Spanish especially on the imperfect.  I wanted to personalize it and make it comprehensible.  I decided to celebrate #tbt (or #ThrowbackThursday) in Spanish class.  To prepare, each student had to email me a picture of themselves in Middle School.  (This is for Spanish III, so most ofContinue reading “#tbt en la clase de español”

Sentence/picture warm-up

I just found an amazing idea for a warm-up via the Red Headed Hostess!  You can start with sentences on top of the paper.  Each student should have one piece of paper.  You can either write all of the sentences to review target vocabulary/structures, or the students can each write their own sentence.  The papers moveContinue reading “Sentence/picture warm-up”

Brillante Viernes: February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!  I have been exhausted this week, so I am excited for the weekend.  There is a lot of things that I am going to read during nap time with a nice cup of tea: Check out Spanish Plans’ Teacher Meme contest! Allison wrote 100 best resources for World Language Teachers- WHOA!  It isContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: February 6, 2015”