Additional Quizizz support and ideas for exam review

As I have mentioned before, I really like using Quizizz this year.  However, I wanted to mention some features that I have been using more recently that would also help during exam review. If you create a quiz, you can search for other quizzes and pick and choose the questions to add to your ownContinue reading “Additional Quizizz support and ideas for exam review”

Help students study and make it stick

I was so excited to participate in #langbook this summer!  (I even moved my dinner earlier, so I could participate!)  The book was “Make It Stick” by Peter Brown et al.  It explains the science of successful learning and how students learn. It is very interesting and many of the ideas are counterintuitive, but theContinue reading “Help students study and make it stick”

Spanish II Grammar Final Exam Study Guide

It is that time of the year- exam review time!  (Or maybe you are already out of school, lucky dogs!)  I am attaching my Spanish II Final Exam Grammar Review.  I just put the bare bones to help students the next year.  I included present tense with ser/estar and saber/conocer, preterite and imperfect tenses, andContinue reading “Spanish II Grammar Final Exam Study Guide”