Back 2 School: Deciding on curriculum

(Missed the first few posts in the back 2 school series?  Check out my round-up, emergency sub plans, and decoration posts!) For the past few years, I haven’t been using a textbook to structure my classes.  However, if you are going to make the jump, it can seem overwhelming.  Many times, you can wonder where toContinue reading “Back 2 School: Deciding on curriculum”

Back to school week: Changes and curriculum

Welcome back to day 2!  Yesterday, I covered my plans for the first few days of school.  I wanted to cover some changes that I made with our curriculum this upcoming year: One thing that I will be using next year in all of my levels is El Mundo en tus manos!  Martina and IContinue reading “Back to school week: Changes and curriculum”

Presentation on teaching in the block

The other day, we heard a presentation from Dr. Nancy Doda since we will have one long block for each class this year.  The rest of the week, we will have shorter class periods.  She brought some great ideas that could be used in any class.  Here were my favorites: -Read, Pause, and Say Something.Continue reading “Presentation on teaching in the block”

Lesson Planning: Making some changes

In general, I like to change my curriculum. The textbook should not be the be all and end all of sequencing and knowledge. The past two years we used Buen Viaje. (This year we are switching to Así se dice. If you have advice, that would be great!) at the end, they have a campingContinue reading “Lesson Planning: Making some changes”