Thanksgiving Conversation Topics

I discovered this website which has Thanksgiving table topics.  Some would be perfect for an intermediate language class.  Here are some of my favorites and a few other topics that I added in: Describe tu Día de Acción de Gracias ideal. Tienes que dar gracias por 3 cosas que están en la clase. ¿Qué teContinue reading “Thanksgiving Conversation Topics”

Spanish II Final Questions Practice

Last year, I posted all of my questions for students to practice for the final exam in Spanish 1B.  Today, I will post the ones that I created this year for level II.  They could be used throughout the year.  In the blanks, I used teacher’s names from school.  The last question is about ourContinue reading “Spanish II Final Questions Practice”

Questions: Preterite

The other day, we were working on preterite verbs.  I am trying to compile all of my questions to use throughout class.  They would also work as a warm-up activity.  Here were the questions that I used during our “Chaos” game: ¿Qué pediste en un restaurante mexicano?  ¿Quién sirvió la comida en Applebees?  ¿Cuántas horasContinue reading “Questions: Preterite”

More conversation starters

On the FLTeach listserv, someone shared this great website with TONS of conversation starters.  They are all written in English, but it is a great start.  The educational consultant suggested writing them on strips of paper and putting them in a bag.  At the beginning or end of class, three students could pull out aContinue reading “More conversation starters”

Copa Mundial: Preguntas

One of the five C’s from ACTFL is comparisons.  Using the World Cup, it would be easy to have a discussion about enthusiasm for the World Cup.  Do many of your students watch soccer?  Will they watch the World Cup?  What is a championship game that they watch which is similar to the World Cup?Continue reading “Copa Mundial: Preguntas”

Childhood Questions

I am starting to develop a unit that uses the imperfect tense, and students will be able to talk about their past and childhood.  These questions can be used as a warm-up activity, guides for an essay, or interview questions to ask partners. Cuando eras niño/a… 1. ¿Dónde jugabas? 2. ¿Qué mirabas en la tele?Continue reading “Childhood Questions”

Brainstorming Questions: Los deportes

As I wrote earlier, I am trying to compile lists of questions for students to practice throughout the year.  I started with the Family unit, and now I am starting on the sports unit.  Hopefully, by the time I am done, I will have all year Spanish 1/2 covered! 1.  ¿Cuál deporte prefieres jugar? 2.Continue reading “Brainstorming Questions: Los deportes”

Brainstorming Questions: La familia

Earlier in the year, I posted about these two great ideas (neither of them mine!).  One is a conversation starter bucket with writing prompts.  The other was a can of questions and a camera to record each student speaking in Spanish.  I didn’t have a chance to sit down and create this year, but IContinue reading “Brainstorming Questions: La familia”