First two days of school: My lesson plans

I wanted to lay out some of my back to school lesson plans.  I say this with a bit of an aside.  My first day has VERY short classes (about 15 minutes).  Then my second day has a longer class, but the following two days we go away for experiential education.  In addition, this year,Continue reading “First two days of school: My lesson plans”

Favorite back to school buys!

A confession: I love to shop!  I love to shop for clothes for myself, clothes and toys for my son, and school supplies!  I try to be cautious and not go overboard, but even browsing is fun for me.  I wanted to share a few ideas from my recent outings that you can pick upContinue reading “Favorite back to school buys!”

Syllabus and First Day goodness

Well, I finally finished my syllabus!  Since school doesn’t start until tomorrow, and I am teaching classes with other teachers, I had to wait to create it.  Plus, creating a syllabus is not my idea of a fun summer activity!  Piktochart has a new syllabus template, so it was actually pretty simple.  I kept my SpanishContinue reading “Syllabus and First Day goodness”

Brain Breaks in the Target Language

As I have been reflecting on my class this summer, I decided that I want to use more brain breaks when school starts.  However, I would like them to be in the target language.  I wanted to come up with a reference list to use while I am lesson planning.  I have compiled 12 brain breaksContinue reading “Brain Breaks in the Target Language”

Help students study and make it stick

I was so excited to participate in #langbook this summer!  (I even moved my dinner earlier, so I could participate!)  The book was “Make It Stick” by Peter Brown et al.  It explains the science of successful learning and how students learn. It is very interesting and many of the ideas are counterintuitive, but theContinue reading “Help students study and make it stick”

Throwback Thursday: Back to School Resources

While some of you have been reading from the beginning, I have some newer readers.  I wanted to put together a list of my resources for back to school to help you: Here is my syllabus that I have used for two years.  You cannot edit it due to the program that I used, butContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Back to School Resources”

Spanish II- Information Gap, Beginning of the Year

I made a quick information gap activity for my Spanish II students.  I kept it simple with a chart for them to fill out then I have them sketch one of the characters after they share the ideas.  I also included the questions to help them.  I think it is always helpful to provide moreContinue reading “Spanish II- Information Gap, Beginning of the Year”