Brillante Viernes: January 26, 2018

Brillante Viernes January 26

Happy Friday!  If you are like me, this may have been your first full week back.  I like to attribute my success to a fair amount of coffee.  At least, the weekend is soon!  And, I have been so excited about how much the Spanish 2 Flipgrid board has taken off (up to 228 videos overall!).  If you have a Spanish 2 class, I will keep this board up for another week.  Also, I would love to have more collaboration with my Spanish 1 class.  Flipgrid is super easy to join, and get your students speaking the language!  Now- ICYMI:

  • I love this idea by Sara-Elizabeth to mind map vocabulary!  I plan on doing this with Piratas.
  • Amy’s post about creating creators really resonated with me.  I love reading about her recent experiments.
  • Bryce’s post about the simplicity of student interviews is wonderful, and I like how he states that the magic is learning more about students.
  • I found Liam’s blog this week- and his idea about turning movietalk into movieaction is great!


  • Seesaw and how I move beyond just journaling
  • Reflections on my first interpersonal bootcamp (and how I started really assessing speaking)
  • If your school has online snow days, here are my tips.
  • A reading activity with post-it notes and ways to extend it
  • This Taylor Swift reading is a little out of date- but I still love this lesson plan!
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