Blended Learning in my class/using technology in the class

My school initiated a blended learning program.  I took two courses on it, and I felt that it would apply easily to Spanish.  Every teacher has different learners in their classroom.  For me, it is always difficult to review at the beginning of the year.  Some students need to hear all of the information, andContinue reading “Blended Learning in my class/using technology in the class”

Using manipulatives

This year, I have tried to use more manipulatives in my class.  I always have a link to Quizlet with our vocabulary.  Quizlet ( is a wonderful website for students to practice their vocabulary, and many students find it beneficial.  I also found out that I could print out the vocabulary list as flashcards. AsContinue reading “Using manipulatives”

Authentic Resources on Assessments

Like most teachers, I always try to increase my use of authentic resources in the classroom.  One of my favorite ideas I got from the Creative Language Class blog.  (  I display several articles in the target language throughout the classroom.  Students find their vocabulary words and copy down the words in Spanish and English.Continue reading “Authentic Resources on Assessments”

TodaysMeet- Preparing for exams

I had heard about TodaysMeet ( at different conferences.  TodaysMeet is a chatroom.  You can put a link on your class website, and students can enter the room.  In class, I decided to use it in class to have students answer questions all at once.  I would pose a question in Spanish, and the students wouldContinue reading “TodaysMeet- Preparing for exams”

Nota: My Girl

Like many Spanish teachers, I use music in my class.  Through El Mundo de Birch website (!), I discovered the singing group Nota.  They won the TV show Sing-off, and they are from Puerto Rico.  They sing in Spanglish.  While many of my students look forward to songs, they really like songs that are inContinue reading “Nota: My Girl”