Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments

The other day, I went to look for what I had posted for Robo en la Noche, and I realized that I had only posted my additional resources through chapter 3!  I wanted to detail the rest of my plans that we did throughout the novel. Before reading chapter 4, students completed this Kahoot. InContinue reading “Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments”

Robo en la noche: Pre reading activities and chapters 1-3

In level 3, we are teaching the book Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido.  For most of my students, this is the first time that they are reading a novel in Spanish, and they seem to understand it well.  I wanted to give some of the activities that we have done before reading andContinue reading “Robo en la noche: Pre reading activities and chapters 1-3”

Brillante Viernes: January 10, 2020

Happy Friday! We have all survived our first week (or first full week!) back from break. My students were overall rockstars, but I definitely had some moments that I was struggling. I first was surprised on Monday morning when my copies weren’t stapled… but it was a double sided single piece of paper. Then, IContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: January 10, 2020”

How I decide on novels for my classes

Whew!  My school year is over, my room is packed and now- I just have to pack up my house, have an edcamp, move, vacation and make it through June!  At least those are all- relatively- fun things!  In my head, I wasn’t going to blog much in June, but then I started to feelContinue reading “How I decide on novels for my classes”

El Mundo En Tus Manos 2019-2020! Changes and more ways to use articles in your classes

Great news!  El Mundo en Tus Manos is back again for the 2019-2020 school year!  If you haven’t subscribed or downloaded a free edition, it is a five article newsletter that highlights news in the Spanish-speaking world in comprehensible Spanish.  It allows your students to become aware of what is happening throughout the world whileContinue reading “El Mundo En Tus Manos 2019-2020! Changes and more ways to use articles in your classes”

Brillante Viernes: March 3, 2017

It’s Friday!  This is the last day of the trimester for us.  We finished a test yesterday, so I am planning a little “fiesta” for my classes today.  I will blog about it next week, so you can try one in your classes as well.  One thing that we are doing is celebrating how farContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: March 3, 2017”


This page is a mix of general novel ideas with lesson plans that I have used for specific novels in a variety of levels. How to choose a novel A list of 21 ideas for novels Interpretive reading assessments for novels Conceptual Maps for novels Google Tours and Slides with novels Santana resources (level 3)Continue reading “Novels”