EdPuzzle (and authentic resources)

Many people wanted to know how to use authentic resources.  One good source of authentic resources that students enjoy is YouTube.  I have wanted to look into EdPuzzle since it popped up on my radar a few weeks ago.  It allows you to embed a video and manipulate it in different ways.  First, you haveContinue reading “EdPuzzle (and authentic resources)”

Planning without a textbook: Part III Assessments

This post is part of a series that discusses how I moved away from the textbook. I initially discussed how I decide what to teach and how I decide on goals. This post will discuss assessments. I have found that throughout the years, I prefer to assess with IPAs or Integrated Performance Assessments as IContinue reading “Planning without a textbook: Part III Assessments”

Activities to start off the New Year!

I have always loved reading my prediction for the upcoming year- as do my students! I have been making these horoscopes and predictions for many years, and my students would leave them on their desk. More students came in and read them! It was pretty much a dream come true! I am continuing with theContinue reading “Activities to start off the New Year!”

Brandon Brown versus Yucatán: Chapters 1-3

I have found that I do a better job of explaining my day by day plans when teaching a novel if I post them as I go.  I have just started teaching Brandon Brown versus Yucatán.  I like to start with an introduction to the place- in this case Yucatán.  I have used a collectionContinue reading “Brandon Brown versus Yucatán: Chapters 1-3”

Stations in the World Language Classroom

I realized the other day that I had never blogged about how I do stations!  I try to have students do stations at least once per unit.  I also have found that they work well on days that my students aren’t as motivated to really keep them moving throughout class.  One year, I planned manyContinue reading “Stations in the World Language Classroom”

Struggling to transition to comprehensible input

As more and more teachers start to incorporate comprehensible input into their classes, sometimes it just doesn’t work or click for you- or perhaps one or two of your classes.  I remember after seeing Jason Fritze teach a story in California my first year, I jumped in on Monday.  Whew.  My students literally had NOContinue reading “Struggling to transition to comprehensible input”

Brillante Viernes: August 9, 2019

Happy Friday!  I hope all of the schools that have started already had a wonderful back to school week!  I have personally found that my productivity and self-care ebb and flow throughout the summer.  In the beginning, I try to take as much time off as I can with a five year old to relaxContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: August 9, 2019”

Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans

Missed my first post of this series?  Check out my summer round-up of great posts here. I realized that I haven’t blogged recently about my sub plans or emergency sub plans in over four years!  When I saw Amanda’s post recently, it inspired me to write this post.  While some of my plans stay theContinue reading “Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans”