Señor Wooly: Billy y las botas online book activities

I taught Billy y las botas to my Spanish II students in person many moons ago! This year, I decided to teach it to my fourth graders since the website now has the graphic novel in a variety of proficiency levels!! (This is one of the reasons that it is so amazing!). I came backContinue reading “Señor Wooly: Billy y las botas online book activities”

Finishing up Billy y las botas… and reflections!

I wanted to wrap up a few activities that I completed with Billy y las botas before break!  I also want to include a few ideas that I would change next time. I was really bad at pre-teaching vocabulary.  I assumed (incorrectly) that students would pick up the vocabulary as I was reviewing it.  WhenContinue reading “Finishing up Billy y las botas… and reflections!”

Billy y las botas: Days 4 and 5

We are continuing our journey reading Billy y las botas!  I am enjoying this change of pace, and my students seem to be enjoying it as well.  Luckily, last week, I caught the #langchat discussion with Carrie Toth.  (The summaries are posted here if you missed it!)  This provided a reminder to me of aContinue reading “Billy y las botas: Days 4 and 5”

Links to help during January

I know that many teachers are feeling frustrated with the flux of what is happening in schools. Many days, we don’t know how many students will actually be in our classes. There are a lot of different scenarios- but some of the main threads are similar. There will be days this month that we wantContinue reading “Links to help during January”

El Mundo en Tus Manos: What to do with previous articles?

I have discussed the idea of what to do with these news articles extensively in the past. While each edition comes with many activities and we try to keep them fresh, some days you just want to try something different. First, I encourage you to go back to previous online or reading activities. We recycleContinue reading “El Mundo en Tus Manos: What to do with previous articles?”


This page is a mix of general novel ideas with lesson plans that I have used for specific novels in a variety of levels. How to choose a novel A list of 21 ideas for novels Interpretive reading assessments for novels Conceptual Maps for novels Google Tours and Slides with novels Santana resources (level 3)Continue reading “Novels”