Activities and horoscopes for 2023

Happy almost New Year! I hope that everyone has taken time to enjoy their winter break! I had the opportunity to swing by the newest exhibit at the American History Museum- and I was so excited to see Walter Mercado featured in it! He was who initially inspired me to start summarizing horoscopes for my students. Also, I wanted to move away from activities that had my students highlight what they got or where they went over break. For my students, horoscopes were something that we could all have in common. And normally my students have fun not believing them.

Without further ado- here is the link for the 2023 horoscopes! Thank you to Hope Anderson and Eu Moreno who proofread them. Normally, I adapt them from one source- but this year, I bounced around to make them a little longer and fill in a bit more information. As in years past, after students read their horoscopes, they can fill out this form. Overall, I have found that this reading is pretty entertaining for students, so I don’t have to do too much of a follow-up with it. At one school, I had students reading their horoscopes that weren’t even in my class! Last year Jenny Robbins created this amazing slideshow with characteristics of each sign as well! Students can confirm if they feel that these characteristics represent them or not before or after reading their horoscope.

If you are looking for some other activities, I will also start with a calendar talk. I have also made a this or that Jamboard to talk about winter break that doesn’t revolve around what students do over the break. This post still has some of my favorite low-prep activities to ease everyone back after break. Finally, if you are in the middle of a novel like I am, here are some ways that I review a novel after a long break. Hope this helps you- so you can bookmark this, close your computer and get back to that Hallmark movie! (Just me?! Haha!)

5 thoughts on “Activities and horoscopes for 2023

  1. Has anybody noticed that the amazing slideshow that Jenny Robbins created does not contain all of the zodiac signs… I think Capricorn is missing.

  2. The Jenny Robbins horoscope slideshow seems to stop at Virgo and is missing the last few signs.
    Might you be able to repost?
    mil gracias!

      1. it is actually only missing Capricornio – but that is the one that I was looking for!
        thank you for the fabulous 2023 horoscopos!

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