First Fridays: November 5, 2021

Happy Friday! This weekend, I will be presenting at GWATFL. I am excited to share some of my favorite interpersonal activities in addition to some more excerpts from the upcoming book. Want more details? Florencia has also shared some of the excerpts on her YouTube videos– especially the unpacking activities series. Check out some of the other posts/activities that have caught my attention this past month:

  • JJ has an amazing series about how the pandemic is affecting our brains and our students’ brains and what we can do to regulate it. I have tried this in my classes and it has been effective.
  • I tried the Gratitude Challenge last year, and I really enjoyed reading what my 6th and 8th grade students were writing. I am doing it again this year while we are in person. Samara’s plans are so thoughtful. You can also start whenever you want- it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of November. This would also work well in December. (These video lessons would also be helpful to supplement the journal.)
  • Bill shared an activity to do post reading that looks extremely effective. The book that he recommended also looks fascinating.
  • I am at the point of the year when I am in a pretty good groove with remembering how I plan a lesson (and I am also creating Google Docs- which a paper planner lover is actually preferring!!) but sometimes I need something to change it up. Enter this post on formative assessments.

I hope that these ideas help you as you are planning this month!

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