First Fridays: October 1, 2021

Happy Friday! It seems like the first month of school has flown by. But as I posted earlier this week, there have been some great moments (and some not so great moments!). I hope that you are finding moments in success as we adapt back to fully in person for many of us in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. I found that I am finding some stability in some of my previous lessons that I am able to do again. As more people are finding creativity, it is giving me life in some of my other lessons as well:

  • If you are on Twitter, follow Amy Lenord! She is sharing some amazing ideas including these chat mats (in Spanish and French!)
  • Martina posted a game from Gianfranco Conti called Mind Reading. I love whole class guessing games. Speaking of which- Josh Rooke compiled this list of games for the language classroom as well!
  • Some more fun: this is from last year, but I missed it with baby girl! Annabelle found this brain break that is SO much fun. And perfect for energetic fourth graders at the end of the day!
  • This post is AMAZING to focus on your first unit being communicative.

In other news- by MONDAY we should have a form to sign up to pre-order our book: Common Ground: Second Language Acquisition Goes to the Classroom. I will post it here as well!

3 thoughts on “First Fridays: October 1, 2021

  1. Love the chat mats. Can you clarify one thing, por favor? What is CIN? [image: image.png] *Kristal KW Gaskell* *Spanish Teacher, EAHS* *831-796-7800 x2483*

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