First Fridays: September 3, 2021

Happy Friday! For years, I wrote Brillante Viernes posts- and loved it! Round-up posts were my favorite posts from some of my favorite non language bloggers. But then with the pandemic, I didn’t have the time and energy to continue to dedicate to it. However, that is the case with many blogs! There weren’t as many posts to round up either. Instead, I have decided to move it to the beginning of the month as a monthly round up! Without further ado…

  • My newest podcast addiction this summer is the Motivated Classroom! I really knew very little about the science and research behind motivation. In addition, Liam connects it seamlessly to the foreign language classroom. It is a practical listen with tips that you can add in that week- something else I also love!
  • I have always LOVED EdPuzzle- but these new changes are great! Check out a tutorial from my friend Stacey: a video recorder embedded. Also, she did a great overview of the new Flipgrid camera!
  • Speaking of YouTube, are you subscribed to Florencia’s YouTube channel?! It is amazing, and it is a great discussion point for professional development or department meetings. (If you are looking for some sneak peek examples from our book- check out this video!)
  • Carrie is SO right; this year we need FUN. Check out her post with 15 fun follow-ups!
  • I LOVE finding a new to me blog! A new to me blog that some amazing people started that I admire?! Best news in the world! Check it out!

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