Lesson Plan Template

We recently had our fifth EdCampCIVa! I am so grateful to my former school for hosting us and that we pulled it off with everything going on this year! During the sessions, I talked about starting off class with input and how valuable that is- but how exhausting it can be as well. How can we start with input especially if it is from the teacher- and then still continue with the class? As always I reference, Sara-Elizabeth’s blog post- is your lesson plan out of whack?

We want to start with input, then you can move to practice of that input- or perhaps start with a new topic. However, make sure not to start with input for the sake of starting with input. It should tie in with the rest of your lesson. At the end, the wrap up can include even more output on the lesson and tie it back together.

As I have learned new strategies, sometimes I forget other ideas. I put together this list of ideas with the structure of a lesson plan. My hope is that they can be a useful list for you as you are structuring your own lessons. I would love any feedback on how they could be more helpful. Also, you can make a copy and edit it as well!

Lesson Plan Template

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