Waffles and Mochi

Have you seen the new Netflix series Waffles and Mochi? I LOVE it! As does my son! It is like a street food show– but for kids! We are both hooked. There are also a ton of connections to the Spanish-speaking world especially in the episodes about tomatoes, potatoes and salt. They also visit Peru frequently, so this would make a nice connection if you are studying Peru as well. I made this slideshow with my third grade level class in mind, but you could adapt these for younger students if you would like to. You could have students watch it in English or in Spanish depending on the level of your students.

I included infographics in Spanish that would be accessible to students in addition to short biographies of some of the chefs (in the notes sections of the slides). I also found a few other videos that highlight the area mentioned in the video or other recipes using the food. I included screenshots of some menus and some discussion questions- including some from my previous topics in Spanish I.

Finally- I used slides from SlidesMania– which are amazing- but did you see that there is now IconsMania?? #obsessed

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