Super Bowl: 2021 Lesson Plans

Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well! My baby girl finally arrived last Saturday! I have been enjoying the time with her- but I wanted to pop on here to share my activities that I made before she made her grand appearance. Thanks to Bethanie Drew, Martha Balthaser and Vanessa Monell for helping with the proof reading!

In the slideshow, I included short biographies of the Latino players/coaches in the NFL with a comparison activity to do at the end. I also put together a Jamboard activity of this or that similar to the winter activity (linked in the slideshow). Students can create a sticky note with their name on it and add it to the side they prefer. (Not loving Jamboard? You can have students point right or left if they are in class- and still maintain social distance! Or consider having them answer in the chat if you are virtual.). Finally, I found an authentic resource discussing last year’s Super Bowl and the NFL fans in Mexico. (Note: on the last third of the infographic, they mention beer. I left it in because it discusses other food that people eat in Mexico; however, if you want to put a box over it to block it out, you could!)

If you are looking to stretch this unit out, I have an idea for a presentational writing activity using the Jamboard as a springboard to start. Also, if you subscribe to El Mundo en Tus Manos, we wrote an article about the NFL game in Mexico that was canceled on November 19, 2018. (You can also add the individual issue at the link.). Also- a shout out to the Buffalo Bills- who made my husband and son VERY happy this year even if they didn’t make it into the Super Bowl!

Edited to add: I just found this interesting article about how many avocados people in Colombia bought for the Super Bowl! Also Rosalía is singing at the half time show as well! Check out this EdPuzzle from Dreaming Spanish. This would be a perfect activity for Monday.


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