Brillante Viernes: August 28, 2020

Happy Friday! I am “back” in school for meetings- but all virtually yesterday and today. I will say that I am optimistic about this year based on posts that I have seen from others. Hybrid and virtual both seem to be going much better than expected. I will say that I have not always been as optimistic as I normally am. I LOVE going back to school the “normal” way. I actually make sure to plan ahead and come in early most days because a lot of the time I am back to school, I spend chatting away with colleagues and catching up. But I try to remain optimistic that this will happen again- hopefully sooner rather than later!

I have compiled my list of not-to-miss posts from this week:

  • Leslie continues to knock it out of the park as far as supporting teachers. She is compiling ways to support teacher wellbeing.
  • Bethanie has compiled an amazing list of technology words in Spanish to help maintain TL use while online.
  • Elisabeth has compiled some extensive lists about how to start the year- including this list about ways to transition in-class activities to online.
  • My local (and wonderful!) world language organization GWATFL has been posting GWATFL TIPS on YouTube. There are some great, short videos to explain ideas for both online and in person classes.
  • I love Cynthia’s adaptation for card talk for online or hybrid.

For some older (but still relevant!) posts of mine:

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