Diverse MovieTalks/Clip Chats

A recent conversation that Dorie Conlon Perugini started on Twitter about CI being inherently equitable reminded me of something I noted at the end of the year. All of my MovieTalks feature white characters or animals. ALL OF THEM. While I really pay attention to many of the visuals that I present in class, the characters that I choose etc, this part had slipped by me for many years.

I realized that this was a HUGE problem. Today, I started off to fix that. I started with the MovieTalk database to find all of the clips that I could that focus on diverse characters (and not just as a sidekick or best friend.) And that is when I realized that of the WHOLE MovieTalk database (over 250 clips!) only 3-4 featured diverse characters. I am sure if you have been delving into this more than I have- you are not surprised. But I was frankly shocked.

Then, I started searching on YouTube for other clips that featured diverse characters. It isn’t pretty. I had a really hard time finding some more. In total (but just for my search today!) I have found seven. That is it. I will continue my search and add to the database throughout the summer, so I am ready to go in the fall. My hope is that we can collaborate together to find more resources. Because we all know what happens when we try to find clips or resources for class. It can become overwhelming and sometimes we stop at the most convenient place. That will most likely lead us to an older clip that only features animals. My hope is that this database can be a starting place to search for more clips.

You can share your clips here in this form, and they will be organized into this spreadsheet.


10 thoughts on “Diverse MovieTalks/Clip Chats

  1. Thank you, Maris.

    We can do so much more when we work together. I always appreciate the tremendous work that you share with us. Your selflessness hasn’t gone unnoticed.



  2. Just came across your blog in a search for FVR resources but ended up finding so. much. more! Thank you for this important work!

  3. Thank you for making this! Would you consider adding a separate column for vocab targets/grammar? Some people are adding this kind of stuff to “themes.” It would be much clearer to keep them separate. You’d need to get a couple of volunteers to help with migrating a few things to the added column in the Sheet after you update the Form. No biggie, right?

    1. Hi! I think if I move the categories, I will also have to change the form. I am going to see what I can do to make it a bit more feasible- but I normally just use the find feature.

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