Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!

I hope that everyone is staying safe! These weeks seem to drag on with a lot of putting lessons up, grading and re-grading. I always give students a chance to complete their work later especially during this transition time. But whew! It is hard for me to re-grade assignments during good times. Now, it seems so daunting!

I have been doing various things to help myself out. For awhile, I stopped reading blogs as much. I LOVE how much people were sharing. Don’t get me wrong. But I really needed to focus on what I was doing and not get overwhelmed. Plus, there was no way that I could sustain posting as much as I had been before this time. I just didn’t have the dedicated time to do so with teaching, meeting and taking care of my son. However, I wanted to share a few posts that have caught my attention recently:

  • I am looking forward to digging into Martina’s suggestions for creating digital manipulative activities!
  • Kara Jacobs has shared some amazing ideas including how to adapt comprehensible input for distance learning. (Also I felt like my class was missing something and then I realized- it was MUSIC! I have promptly added some of her songs of the week into my rotation.)
  • For my younger students (and my own son!) I love Mundo de Pepita’s non online distance learning activities.

I have some other ideas that I have been incorporating in the past few weeks. I have updated my EdPuzzle database with some EdPuzzles that I have recently made for my classes (grades 5, 6 and 8). I also played this version of memory with my fifth grade students. (We are doing an adapted version of Carrie Toth’s Mar de plastico.)

At the last FLENJ chat, Samara suggested to play musical BINGO. I projected this board then we listened to the song from various points, and they underlined the words they heard. I did this last week with my 8th graders and now will try it with my fourth graders.

Along with what Julie from El Mundo de Pepita suggested, I like to try to give my students options that do not involve the computer all of the time. For sixth grade this week, I suggested that they could make a memory game with their vocabulary words. I loved watching my students do this during Wooly Week this year.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! I hope that you hear from your students or parents this week. I will say that is what keeps me going! I also hope that you get the message that what you are doing is enough. This is a difficult time for everyone. I know that everyone has felt helpless. You are trying, and you are working.

It is also Teacher Appreciation Week on Teachers Pay Teachers with the code THANKYOU20. I am participating with my store. Also, El Mundo en Tus Manos that I publish with Martina Bex is on sale as well for next year. This year, we have adapted our newsletter to work with distance learning. I have incorporated many of these articles into my plans.

2 thoughts on “Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!

  1. Thank you for sharing the EdPuzzle Database; the timing is perfect! I had just found another one buried in my Drive and they are so helpful to know what is out there in EdPuzzle Land. I wondered if anyone knows of such a thing for any of the other languages? We run a World Language PLC in our district, so I’m always trying to give the other languages things that are close to or like all of the wonderful resources that we have in Spanish. Thank you again for sharing your sensational ideas and resources.

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