Resources for sports: listening, speaking and writing

I find it interesting how my classes ebb and flow. When I taught just middle school, there was a whole sports unit in Spanish 1B. When I switched to Spanish 1, I would discuss some sports through various themes- likes and dislikes and around any big sporting event, but I didn’t create a whole unit dedicated to sports. Now this year, I am teaching the book Felipe Alou to my sixth graders. Here comes back the sports unit! However, I have changed so much since how I used to teach sports.

I wanted to share a few resources that have been working well for me as we go throughout this unit.

  • My sixth graders have been responding well to listening activities with commercials. They have done particularly well and seem to really enjoy them. These activities also have really helped them focus. If you have an energetic class- try a cloze activity! These activities remind me a bit of micro-listening activities. I found a commercial about a grandfather going to the baseball stadium. (And it was a quick review of family vocabulary!) I created this cloze activity. Students listened to it first, then they watched the commercial all the way through. Then, we watched it one more time and I asked questions about it. We could also discuss more of the purpose of the commercial. This way, it is going beyond the experience of just listening for specific words, but understanding what the statements are and the meaning behind the commercial.
  • I found a Google Slides presentation that someone made with key words and GIFs. I loved it! But I hadn’t tried it yet. I decided to make some slides for my students to write about. I changed it up by doing a whiteboard splash that I first learned about from Amy Lenord. I also really like the whiteboard splash because I mention some good work each time and I try to pick out a variety of students’ work. I noticed that students were writing much more than I expected them to. They also make sure they always write something since their peers would read their work.
  • I am also reusing articles from El Mundo en Tus Manos. People wonder how to do so, but many of the topics aren’t “old” and can fit into a variety of topics. In this case, I am going to use the issue about Hispanic Heritage Month last year and athletes. Samara Spielberg and Stephen Krawec shared some amazing activities for reading during their NECTFL presentation! I have used the emojitate activity with my fourth graders and it was a hit. I am going to use this activity with my sixth graders as well. The nice thing about having a variety of articles to pull from is the ability to give my students choice.
  • Finally, I have added in some puedos to practice speaking. If you haven’t read about puedos- make sure to search it up on Laura’s blog! This is one of my favorite activities to get students speaking.

I hope that some of these activities can help you plan a sports unit- or give you an idea of how to plan other units!


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