Brillante Viernes: February 28, 2020

Happy Friday and end of February! For us, it is the end of the trimester, and I finalized all of my grades expect a few make-up assignments. (Make-up assignments get me every time!! Trying to remember who has to do what and then remembering to grade an assignment here or there. Ooof. It has always been difficult.) Whew!

March means a lot of fun stuff: My students LOVE Señor Wooly, so this year I am going whole hog into Wooly Week for all of my grades (3, 4, 5, 6 and 8!) (which for us will be more like Wooly month because I see my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders only twice a week.) We have started a few activities, and they are loving it so far.

Another fun activity for March is March Music Madness. This has taken on a whole host of names, and many teachers plan to do it. I am not going to do it this year. I can’t fit it in. And sorry- not sorry. As teachers, we have to pick and choose what works for our students. Last year, my students weren’t that into Señor Wooly, so we didn’t do Wooly Week and we did music madness. As much as I love the commercial madness in Christmas, I haven’t done it in recent years. I had other activities and didn’t have time to fit it in. My point is that while it may seem like everyone is doing something, we aren’t all doing all the things. Don’t get FOMO in your classes. You can’t go wrong with planning either or both- but you can go wrong if you feel too overwhelmed. Pick what works for you!

::Steps off soapbox:: Here are some other wonderful posts to read this week:

  • Julia also posted about the importance of minimalism in the world language classroom.
  • I love when people are honest with what is going on in their classes like this recent post from Annabelle Williamson.
  • This is a fun variation on running dictation on the Authentic Señora blog!
  • I saw this post from AnneMarie Chase and my colleague and I quickly made copies for our room! Check it out.

And other posts of mine from the past in case you are just joining us:

2 thoughts on “Brillante Viernes: February 28, 2020

  1. Thank you for the post about FOMO. I too was feeling a lit bit of FOMO because I am also deciding not to do the Music madness this year. I have struggled in past years to do at times so this year I am focusing more of my making my level 4 curriculum all CI based. We are creating a novels based class in which we infuse culture and history of the Spanish speaking world. I have been using Casa Dividida, Guerra Sucia and the movie, Diarios de Motocicleta. I also plan to use Vida y Muerte in la Mara Salvatruca. I think in the end it will end up being a 2 year course. I am open to suggestions for novels and/or movies to include if anyone reading this has them

    1. FOMO can be real! Everyone is posting and SO excited about various activities. I have found that some activities have fit in some years and others in other years. My favorite book for Spanish 5 was Vidas Impactantes- then small groups would lead conversations about articles that they found which were related to the biographies.

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