Brillante Viernes: February 21, 2020

Happy Friday! Whew- it has only been a four day week, but I have had some #highlightreel and #highlightreal moments. In my #highlightreel, we switched students, so I have a new class of pre-K and K students. My old students get SO excited to see me. They excitedly wave and tell their friends that they saw me. And of course, they like to share the Spanish that they remember. However, on the other #highlightreal side, I could not find my notes when I rewrote the description of the song for Nuqui. So of course I rewrote it on a looseleaf piece of paper that I won’t be able to find next year. But! I could find my EdPuzzle for it. Except, it was definitely for my Spanish 3 last year… and I showed it to my sixth grade. They were able to get some information from it. And Write and Discuss helped synthesize it.

In other exciting news: EDCAMPCIVA is back and better than ever!! This year, we have expanded to include a training in comprehensible input the day before. Rachelle Adams and Anna Gilcher from Elevate Education Consulting are coming down to give a full day training for $75! I cannot say enough positive things about them. Not only are they super positive and authentic, I have learned so much from them throughout the years that I have had a chance to know them. You can sign up for the paid training, the free unconference or both! Lynne and I are very excited for the fourth year.

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