Brillante Viernes: January 10, 2020

Happy Friday! We have all survived our first week (or first full week!) back from break. My students were overall rockstars, but I definitely had some moments that I was struggling. I first was surprised on Monday morning when my copies weren’t stapled… but it was a double sided single piece of paper. Then, I also spilled tea on my white shirt. I finished up the week by planning half of my lesson discussing clothes in the To My Love video by Bomba Estereo… which wouldn’t actually play on my projector even though it would play on my own computer. FYI: The Minions version is not the same!

Whew! But now, I am looking forward to this weekend and recovering. Meanwhile, make sure you don’t miss these posts from the past week:

  • Laura has some amazing suggestions about highlighting reflections that I love.
  • This sonidos secretos game looks like a ton of fun!
  • I always devour the Cult of Pedagogy’s tech tool list! I have loved GooseChase in the past, but I am interested in tool #1!
  • Bethanie has a great series on her blog about ideas that she consistently uses to maintain her sanity. This five little things post is useful for all teachers!

And now for a flashback to posts from my own blog:

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