Brillante Viernes: December 20, 2019

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Whew!  This week was exhausting!  I tried to have mini celebrations in my classes and it was difficult.  Next year- I will spread them out.  #lessonlearned  Luckily, I had my sixth grade classes planned out with Nailed It Mexico.  It was a fun mini-unit, and my students learned a lot of vocabulary throughout the presentation.

This break, I will take a break!  I plan on putting together New Year’s Predictions for 2020 like I have done in years past.  I will try to watch a few episodes of Ditch Summit.  This year, I am going for quality over quantity.  I plan on watching one or two videos and soaking them instead of worrying about watching all of them.  Remember- you do you!  Sometimes I feel bad doing a little work when people suggest taking time off.  But, it helps me to finish things when I come back.  I have found a nice balance and still have time to spend with my family doing holiday things.

In the meantime, check out these posts:

  • Señor Fernie has me thinking about starting La Charla!
  • I haven’t gotten a chance to try this reverse running dictation from Ashley but I want to!
  • Arianne has an amazing resource about Mexican food.
  • This is an older post- but a brand new to me blog!  Check out how Mary Overton develops class stories.

Hope you have a wonderful break however you decide to spend it!

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