Brillante Viernes: November 1, 2019

Brillante Viernes: November 1

Happy Friday!  Whew this has been a week!  We have survived Halloween, post-Halloween AND the fact that our local team the Washington Nationals WON the World Series!!!  Needless to say, I saw a LOT of sleepy faces today.  I am looking forward to this weekend to take some time to slow down (and getting some laundry done!) Meanwhile, I have been reading a ton of posts this week.  Check out these over the weekend:

  • Allison always gives an excellent dose of what our classrooms really look like!  I relate best to #2, 4 and 6!  #bringonsometea
  • Julia shares some great ways to help teach intercultural competence.
  • I love this six pic slide, and I can’t wait to use this with novels.
  • During conference season, I can always peek in on what is happening with other conferences!  Rebecca shared her workshop at MaFLA about the presentational mode.

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