World Series: Spanish presentation

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Ahem- Go Nats!  My school this year is a mile away from the Nationals stadium.  Every day, a student or teacher is wearing some Nationals gear.  (I actually saw a group of boys at a nearby school playing baseball with water bottles today!)  I have even ordered a shirt to support the hometown team!  I decided that I should accept the #natitude and incorporate the World Series into my lessons.  I created this PearDeck.  If you don’t have PearDeck, you can have students write their answers on whiteboards or pieces of paper.

Also, preview this slideshow before showing it to your students to adjust it appropriately for your community.  I included the video Calma which has become the Nationals newest anthem.  There are bikinis and a beer bottle.  I showed this video after watching the song too, so they could see an American player singing this hit.  (Also it is more appropriate than the video of him being doused with beer singing the song!)

If I have extra time, I will add two more players to this presentation as well:

Edited to add: I think to present with PearDeck, you need the original link.  That is here!

3 thoughts on “World Series: Spanish presentation

    1. Thanks so much! I realized that if I just embed the presentation, you can’t click on it! I just updated the post with a link that should work with the Google Slides add-on. Let me know if it doesn’t!

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