Brillante Viernes: October 18, 2019

Brillante Viernes: October 18, 2019

Happy Friday!  I hope that you have had a wonderful week!  We are getting away on a fall vacation with family friends this weekend.  I have also been busy with a few other projects pseudo blog related.  I managed to finish the updates for episode four of Go! Vive a tu manera.  (As it is a ton of text, I always appreciate any edits!)  Next up, I plan on extending the extra activities through episode 4 as well.

Check out some of these posts while you are preparing for or enjoying your weekend!

  • Martina wrote an extremely thoughtful post about L1 interference.
  • Julia posted a strong explanation of how to solve problems that students have around intercultural competence.
  • These activities involving a hula hoop Venn Diagram and post reading/watching a video are great!  (AnneMarie also just posted another list of ideas around the Venn Diagram.)
  • Bethanie’s art analysis chart is amazing for upper levels!!

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