Brillante Viernes: October 11, 2019

Brillante Viernes: October 11

Happy Friday!  Whew!  This week was long and busy!  The French teacher and I took our classes to see the full working rehearsal of Paquita on Tuesday afternoon which was amazing!  (The photo above are the lights at the Kennedy Center!)  I also got to chaperone a field trip to the National Geographic Museum to hear a nature photographer which was also fascinating.  But man- am I ready to kick my feet up!  While you relax this weekend, check out these posts:

  • I love the honesty of this post that explains how to make your classroom a safer place.
  • I want to continue to use more post-unit reflection.
  • This Grid Method looks fascinating!  I might be able to try it with 8th grade…
  • Carrie shared some great ideas to use with songs!  I hadn’t heard of move or keep before!

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