MovieTalk: El mono necesita las bananas

El mono necesita las bananas

I am continuing to develop the curriculum within each of my classes.  In Spanish 5, we started out by discussing the fires in the Amazon.  I introduced Señor Wooly’s song No lo tengo to talk about school and classes.  I wrote up a small summary about schools in the Amazon.  I decided that I wanted to transition to discussing monkeys before starting the book Isabela captura un congo.

I found a great video about a monkey and decided to do a MovieTalk to start it off.  (The website has a ton of other fun monkey videos, and I am hoping to use some of them in the future with the book as well!)  I created this slideshow and this handout to help students take notes as we talked about the video.  You could make the slideshow or discussion longer if you have older students.  My fifth graders loved the video (as did my six year old as I was prepping the lesson!)

After we watched the video, students put the events in order.  I copied and pasted them onto this document.  Then, the next day, students drew some of the sentences first on the third page and we played (St)Rip Bingo with the story.  (FYI- I had heard about it for awhile and just tried it this year.  It is so much fun, and the students and I love it!)  Finally, we ended with a GimKit game!  #highlightreal- I really wanted to turn this into sentences instead of just vocabulary identification, but after all that prep- it just didn’t happen.


8 thoughts on “MovieTalk: El mono necesita las bananas

  1. I love you summary about a school in the Amazon. You have questions after it about different countries. Where do the students find those answers? Did they read an article? Watch a video? I’m in the middle of unit about school.

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