Brillante Viernes: September 13, 2019

Brillante Viernes Sept 13

Happy Friday the 13th!  And a full moon!  Hope you are surviving this day- and just remember that Friday the 13th isn’t a bad day in various Spanish-speaking cultures.  So maybe your class won’t be that bad! 😉  For us, we have been back for two weeks and it seems both really short and like we have done this for awhile.  Catch up on these posts and enjoy your weekend:

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brett’s immediate goal and this post that is a call to action for all teachers.
  • I have done a little picture talk, but I haven’t been able to milk it as much.  Check out this post for more ideas on how to implement it.
  • Inspired Proficiency podcast is back!  The episode with Allison and Sarah was excellent.
  • This post on thematic units is excellent.

Previous posts:

  • I have reposted this a ton, but I love Write and Discuss– and I just started using it last year.
  • Another way that I improved when I switched to more CI was writing things down more!

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