Brillante Viernes: August 16, 2019

Brillante Viernes August 19

Happy Friday!  Yesterday and today I am learning a lot about proficiency from ACTFL workshops.  Although I have read a lot about a variety of levels, each time I hear something new, it continues to shape my instruction and how I think about each proficiency level.  I have found that since I was taught more by grammar and vocabulary, I originally expected more of a variety of levels.  It has taken awhile to shake these ideas and some of my expectations are still forming.

I love August when everyone starts blogging even more again!  Check out these posts:

  • If you haven’t listened to the most recent episode of We Teach Languages (we are back from the summer!), DO IT!  Gianfranco Conti discusses listening.  Part II comes out today!
  • There is a new Sarah Breckley video about how to be comprehensible!  Sarah always inspires me and makes me happy.
  • I am saving all of the elementary Spanish (like these beginning day by Señor Fernie) posts for next year.  I cannot wait!
  • Zachary Jones has been sharing some awesome authentic resources- like this one for school supplies and this video about healthy food from Ecuador.

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