Parade of alpacas lesson

Parade of alpacas lesson plan

Now that I have completed my two big units for Venezuela and started on Go! (more to come in a week or two!) for 8th grade, I wanted to focus on developing some lessons and units for grades 3-6.

Since we will be reading the novel Edi el elefante from Fluency Matters in fourth grade, I wanted to develop some lessons around animals.  I have been saving some great resources already!

A reader of El Mundo suggested this article for the publication- in Peru this summer, they had the largest parade of alpacas in the world!  We have so many amazing recommendations that sometimes we don’t have space for all of them.  This one fell just outside the cut- but I thought I could do something fun for my fourth grade!  (However, if you have a group of kids who love animals- I would think you could use this for Spanish 1 or 2!)

I designed this unit to be similar to Mike Peto’s Maravillas; however, I changed the reading since it is for a younger class.  I want to play around with the grade levels while I am still remembering everything from eight years ago!

I start with some quick thumbs up/thumbs down personalized questions and answers.  Then, I describe what an alpaca is and have students do a brain break.  After this, I describe the parade and we visit Peru via Google Maps.  I also decided to look at the weather there and put a link that can direct us to the current weather.

During the early language discussion at edcampciva, I am thinking about having students add their “notes” of drawing and labels to notebooks.  I gave them time to do that before watching the video clip and then will allow them time after if they want to add anything.  At the end, we can finish up with a quick true/false formative assessment as they move to the side of the classroom for true or false.

I would love some early language teacher input on this lesson!


6 thoughts on “Parade of alpacas lesson

  1. Maris- I think I will teach this this year in my 5th grade- I will let you know how it goes! I do have a couple of questions for you- can I PM you on FB?

  2. Maris, I am thinking I want to do this unit with my 4-5th grade classes. I have a class set of Edi el elefante to go with it already, so it gives me a good focus for the first quarter! Do you have the slide presentation in a downloadable format?

  3. hi! I’m finishing a reading on Perú and the slide presentation will be perfect to wrap it up! thank you for sharing.

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