New unit on Venezuela and TPT sale!

Unit on the Venezuelan crisis and TPT sale

This summer, I have had two goals for units that I wanted to develop.  I have wanted to work on a unit for Go! Vive tu manera and a unit to start the year to update my students about what is going on in Venezuela.  As the crisis continues to develop, I want students to have background knowledge, so we are able to discuss it.  To share with everyone, I have developed an introduction to Venezuela through the song Vamo a la calle.

I have included:

  • an introduction to the singers with PearDeck
  • a way to describe the song before students watch it
  • a presentation that describes some of the symbols in the video
  • some extension activities

If you like this, you can check out my full unit on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I have developed a 10 day unit aimed for levels 2-3 Spanish classes.  I have also included optional extension activities if you would like to make the unit longer.  In this unit, I have:

  • an introduction to Venezuela through travel sites
  • a presentation with a timeline to review the political situation
  • a station day about the migration
  • an interpretive reading/presentational writing assessment
  • a final presentational writing assessment/project with rubrics included
  • a MovieTalk script for a video about the food scarcity

I finished this unit today, so you can buy it tomorrow and Wednesday on sale!  (You can use the code BTS19 for 25% off!)  The sale starts on August 6th and goes until August 7th.  While you are there, check out my supplemental activities for Go! as well.

Finally, Martina and I have been working on the summer edition for El Mundo en Tus Manos– but this is your chance to pick it up on sale before our first edition drops.  We are including activities this year, and you can see the preview here.


4 thoughts on “New unit on Venezuela and TPT sale!

  1. I got to work with Venezuelan refugees in Quito, Ecuador this summer. They are bereft and destitute. Stories of government FORCED poisoning to cause abortions. Infants that survived allowed to live with birth defects until the government discovered them and forced tortuous poisoning to cause slow death! We heard this story repeated by family after family. Victims fleeing to save their lives! There really is no food, no water, no medicine. They fled on foot to walk to safety with the clothes on their backs.

    1. It is incredible that you went down to work with refugees- I cannot fathom many of the atrocities that are occurring in Venezuela. I agree that it is an important issue to discuss with our students as it is hard to find much coverage in the area. As I continue to read and study, I keep hoping for a change- and soon.

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