Brillante Viernes: August 2, 2019

brillante viernes august 2

Nothing makes me feel like I am back in my routine more than penning a Brillante Viernes post!  🙂  I am still on vacation in Virginia Beach and am enjoying time with my family and friends.  We have been going on field trips and shopping trips.  If you are still on break, I hope that you can find a balance between feeling prepared for school and enjoying summer.  Here are some of my favorite posts from the past week:

  • Gary describes two books to bring LGBTQ inclusivity into the classroom.  This is an important read if you are planning or starting a library.
  • Have you heard the new What in the World? Language podcast?  It is great!  I listened to Sarah Breckley on my way down, and I highly recommend tuning in.
  • Ashley has been doing an excellent job of breaking down key elements of CI for new teachers (and giving other ideas for everyone else in the process!)  Check out her most recent post on assessment.
  • I have been reading all of the iFLT posts this past week!  Check out this recent summary of Kristy’s presentation on authentic resources and how to make them accessible for students.

I hope that this week’s series of posts has you ready for back to school!  If you missed any, they were a summer round-up, emergency sub plans, tips for decorating and how I develop my curriculum.

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