Back 2 School: Classroom decorating


Missed the first two posts in the series?  Check out my first post about a summer round-up and my second post about emergency sub plans.

Magnolia designer I am not.  Also, normally I am decorating wayyy past the time of this post.  However, here are some of my favorite tips from previous years!

  • If you have to provide the background paper for your board, I recommend a solid color wrapping paper.  My mom picked up some of these from the Container Store.  While it was expensive, it didn’t fade AT ALL!  I could have easily left it up during the summer and re-used it this year.  (We also used this ribbon to edge the board, but you can find other borders quite easily!  I recommend the dollar spot at Target!)
  • For the past two years, I had THREE bulletin boards!  All teachers need question posters especially if you are teaching lower levels.  My two favorites that I have used are Creative Language Classroom (free- in multiple levels!) and Señor Wooly.  I got Señor Wooly when I started teaching the graphic novels because of the connection.  I also downloaded Kristy’s high frequency past tense verbs.  This is perfect if you are teaching levels 2 and up.  I also like how she translates the verbs.  This has made my own explanations into these two past tenses simpler.  Finally, on the last bulletin board, I put up cultural pictures.  I have used old calendar pictures which are cheap and easy to use year after year once they are laminated.
  • Speaking of calendars, my favorite calendar which makes me happy every time I look at it is Curly Girl.  Each year, I laminate my favorite sayings and decorate with them around my desk.
  • My other posters have come from various places, and I recommend that you think of ways to personalize your own classroom.  I found a bulldog which was my school’s mascot at a Scholastic sale.  I also found a University of Virginia poster there.  Since I went to school there, I snatched that up!  My mom also bought me a few posters when she was in Costa Rica.  I have also gotten some great posters at our local art museum after trainings and at conferences!  My other important staple in the classroom is a hard copy of our schedule!  It was great to be able to reference that in the front of my classroom.
  • I played around with flexible seating last year, and I took a trip to IKEA.  I highly recommend this chair.  I bought two and they held up nicely throughout the year.  I also bought three of these footstools.  They held up nicely.  I was hoping that students would sit on them, but they mostly used them as footstools.  However, if there weren’t as many chairs, students sat on them occasionally.
  • If you are looking for other resources for my whiteboards, I went to Home Depot and got marker board and asked them to cut it up for free.  I ended up with a great set of individual whiteboards that were sturdy.  They have lasted about five years.  My students who were sitting in different spots would use these also to press down on.
  • I mentioned some of my other must haves in previous posts, but to summarize- I LOVE Michael’s Happy Planners!  Just make sure you use your teacher coupon or get them when they are on sale for 40% off (which is frequently!)  I have also picked up some fun banners in the Target Dollar Spot.  I have hung one on a bulletin board and another on my second whiteboard.

3 thoughts on “Back 2 School: Classroom decorating

  1. My favorite background for bulletin boards is felt. You can get large sections at a fabric store rather cheaply, and then reuse and reuse and reuse. Wrinkles iron out, it doesn’t fade, you can stick anything to it with Velcro, and if you use a die cut to cut letters out of felt, they stick to the background without any staples, and you can move them around easily until they look just right! (Of course, staples do help keep adolescentes traviesos from swiping things once you have everything placed where you want it. 🙂

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