Technology Updates for the World Language Classroom

Technology Updates for the WL classroom

Being the tech nerd that I am, I love seeing the technology updates for some of my favorite products over the summer!  Typically most edtech companies update their products before the ISTE conference in late June.  Here are some of my favorite companies and their updates that will be relevant for the foreign language classroom:

  • I have always loved Seesaw!  I know that I will continue to use it as I move back to elementary and middle school because it is so intuitive.  They have added more features to help students annotate their work.  This will be AMAZING for foreign language!  After telling a story, students can take a photo of a picture and demonstrate their learning through captions, recording or labeling the picture.  I also used Seesaw when students were on field trips, but now, they can create a collage!  This is a game changer.  Now, students can make a collage from a field trip and comment on it, or after reading a chapter or two in a book to represent their understanding.  I saw that one teacher would have various ways for students to express their understanding after each story.  These new features would be perfect for these activities!
  • I use Adobe Spark for my graphics on the blog all the time.  This year, I also had an extra week at the end of the school year without an exam.  I had students make their presentational writing about the novel into a video or comic strip.  Adobe Spark is great because it is also pretty intuitive and the end product looks great.  Now, students can collaborate on the same video.  Many times with video projects, only one student will work on it.  This allows more than one student to edit it- although only one student can edit it at the same time.
  • Kahoot has also made some great updates.  The character limit has been increased.  Also, they have created a question bank.  While you are creating, you can also drag and drop to rearrange the questions.  This should decrease the time it takes to make your game.  Finally, the interface is updated as well.
  • Google is always updating their products, but some of the most recent updates will be great for educators in particular.  In Google Forms, you can now lock quizzes, so students can’t navigate away from the questions while they are taking a quiz.  You can also start importing questions from various Google Forms to a new form to save you even more time.  They have also started integrating many of the tech tools into GSuite including Kahoot and Seesaw.  Finally, for Google Classroom, they have started beta testing for rubrics and syncing the grade book and Student Information Center.  (Next year, I will be using Google Classroom, and I cannot wait!)
  • Finally, Flipgrid has added some great updates as per usual!  There are enhanced storytelling capabilities to add text, emoji and creative flair to videos.  (Doesn’t everyone love some creative flair??!!)  It is also perfect as students can add an emoji over their video if they aren’t comfortable sharing their faces.  Students can also stitch together various videos.  There is also whiteboard mode which looks awesome!  They are going to also integrate with Wakelet, which I love for personal use.

What are some of your favorite technology tools to use in the classroom?  Any updates that I missed?

2 thoughts on “Technology Updates for the World Language Classroom

  1. Gimkit is a favorite of mine and my students. I met them at ISTE2019 in Philadelphia and left with the impression that some updates are coming this fall.

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