Brillante Viernes: May 31, 2019

Global Seal of Biliteracy

Happy Friday!  First off, I am SO happy that we got to recognize nineteen of our graduating seniors who earned the Global Seal of Biliteracy!  We were able to recognize them this evening and explain the significance to everyone.  This week has been particularly busy because we are doing Discovery Days.  We have planned a deep dive into various topics.  I am constructing a week around watching Spanish shows and movies and understanding the culture behind them as well.

This spring, I have been a bit quieter on my blog than normal due to some big changes.  I have mentioned this on Twitter, but next year, I am changing schools!  I will be moving to the Virginia area, and I will be teaching at an independent preK-8 school.  I will be teaching Lower and Middle school Spanish.  The school has a strong foreign language program.  I will also be part of a team of three other amazing teachers.  I loved meeting the teachers and students there, and I am so excited to work there!!  I know that I will still be able to write on many of the same topics on my blog, but I will also be discussing how I am applying both CI and proficiency to some of my lower school classes.

With all of these changes, I am going to start my irregular summer blogging after this post!  Things should settle down in July, and I look forward to starting creating and blogging more then!  For now, check out these posts:

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