Last few hours of the Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Teachers Pay Teachers sale

Ahh!  This spring has been CRAZY!!!  I have a lot of changes going on.  And with all of the changes and the general end of year craziness- I am done.  (But not actually done with school things until the beginning of June!)

I wanted to put together this post yesterday, but with all the craziness, I didn’t get to it.  I am participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers store sale!  You can get 25% off with the code: GIFT4YOU.  If you haven’t seen our free edition of the newsletter, El Mundo en Tus Manos, check it out!  The newsletter will be on sale for $56!  It will go up to $80 after June 1st.

This year, I have been adding a few more products to my store to help teachers who want to move away from the textbook.  I have been including traditional textbook themes, but I have added proficiency and comprehensible input based activities.  In addition, I also have included news type articles that cover culture and activities associated with these.  These have really helped teachers!  One teacher commented that they are great resources with a lot of activities to choose from.  Another teacher commented that it helped her cover all of the vocabulary she was “supposed to” cover but in a more interactive way.  So far I have a house unit, clothes unit, food unit and community unit.  They are all on sale for $2.40.

As more teachers want to assess with Integrated Performance Assessments, I have included some of mine in my store as well.  I have a daily routine assessment, restaurant assessment, clothing assessment, and my end of the year level 1 Bolivia assessment.  Each assessment includes an interpretive, interpersonal and presentational section.  I also included rubrics and an answer key for any interpretive assessment.  These are on sale for $3.20.

I hope that this helps you finish the year strong!  I appreciate all of your support!

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