Brillante Viernes: May 3, 2019

Brillante Viernes: May 3

Happy Friday!  It seems like this week has flown by!  I took some time this afternoon to get a pedicure and finally dive into this book.  My colleague wrote it, and I cannot recommend it enough!  It is truly inspiring, and her story is so important.  I know that I plan on putting it by my desk and referencing it when I need to be reminded of my why and inspiration.  Check out these posts as well:

  • Martina and I are changing up our newsletter for next year!  You can check it out and get a free preview issue.
  • I think everyone needs the screaming ninja game in May!
  • I love this post about the women and girls who inspire us.  This could also be done in Spanish as well.
  • I have used Kara’s unit on Ecuador with my Spanish V for the past two years.  Arianne’s additions are excellent.

Flashback Friday:

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