Súper Tazón lesson plans and a reading


The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday!  If you are like me, my students talk about football pretty much year round.  I like to incorporate some of the traditions into my classes.  I have posted some information from previous years.  You can find:

I have developed a lesson plan this year that incorporates both comprehensible input and authentic resources.  Typically, I like to have students look at articles or videos that are completely comprehensible then try the authentic resources.  This exposes them to the important words first, so they will understand them later when they see them again.

I am going to try the bracketing for input idea that I read on Sara-Elizabeth’s blog!  I will put up a bracket of popular foods: hamburgers versus pizza and salsa versus guacamole.  Then, we will vote to see which one wins- and which one will be the ultimate winner!  I love to add this to my input at the beginning of class list.

Before the reading, I will have students make predictions on the following statements:

  • Canada has the most fans attending the game from a foreign country.
  • The avocado company has a commercial each year during the game.
  • Americans eat 35,000 tons of chicken wings during the Super Bowl.
  • This year, companies paid between $4,500,000-$5,800,000 for a thirty second commercial during the game.

Then I will have students read the following articles about food that Mexicans eat during the Super Bowl and Mexican fans of the Pats.  (Thanks to Kattia Higdon for helping with the edits!!)  While they are reading, they are checking to see if their predictions were correct:

Super Tazon 2019 Reading

Edited to add: I made a short Quizizz to play as well!  Students will then vote on who will win overall.  I have found by doing this before the event, students come in ready to talk to you about what they saw during the game!  If you have a lot of Patriot’s fans, I suggest checking out the Pat’s Army Mexico Facebook page!  They just uploaded a video of the history of the team, and it is pretty comprehensible for most levels.


3 thoughts on “Súper Tazón lesson plans and a reading

  1. Thank you! You saved me! This morning, while driving to school, I wanted to play The Lucky Reading Game but I did not have a reading prepared. I opened my email and Lo and Behold, the Super Tazón reading was perfect! Muchas gracias!!

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