Brillante Viernes: January 11, 2019

brillante viernes jan 11

Happy Friday!  We have some chances of a snow storm over the weekend, so everyone is refreshing their weather feeds or Twitter apps.  I think it is an established fact now that teachers love snow days as much as students!  We haven’t had as much snow in the past two years, and my son LOVES snow.  He thinks that it shouldn’t be cold unless it is going to snow.  I have to say that I agree! 😉  If you have a snow day (or a delayed start!), hopefully you have time to catch up on these posts:

  • This post has a lot of ideas to use when planning inside and outside circles.
  • Martina shared a new post with a fun game activity for a Friday (or any day really!)
  • I love how Carrie recycles grammar throughout her program.
  • Ashley explains how she incorporates CI into a textbook.  This is many teacher’s realities and useful to read!

Flashback Friday from my earlier years:

  • I posted a review of Vidas Impactantes, and I used it with my level 5 this year.
  • I have gone back to setting a timer, and I am off to a good start in 2019!
  • I still love having students complete anagrams at the end of the class.


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