Brillante Viernes: January 4, 2019

brillante viernes january 4

Happy Friday!  I hope your back to school went well if you are already back!  We return on Monday and the students on Tuesday.

Confession time: As much as I love Ditch Summit, I didn’t get a chance to watch most of it this year!  Between having an extra week before break to teach (then scrambling to get everything ready for Christmas!) and traveling to Orlando right after Christmas, there just wasn’t time.  However, I DID catch James Clear’s ideas on how to start habits- and it was just what I needed!  One suggestion he mentions is to just try to work two minutes of something into your schedule.  I have started to do that with straightening and organizing.  I have also put it into my planner to remind myself- and with check boxes which I love!  The second tip that I am going to try is to never miss twice.  It is ok to miss one day, but then get back on the bandwagon the second day.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with these goals longer and make them habits!

While everyone was on break, there were some awesome posts!  Hope you have some time this weekend to check them out:

  • Did you see Martina’s series on #myfives?  My favorite post was about what she learned this year.
  • Arianne has created a MovieTalk for an amazing music video.
  • Melanie shared how she taught the book Viva El Toro, but she includes awesome ideas like a practice conversation tally chart before an interpersonal discussion and great ideas if you discuss bullfighting in class.
  • I like how Jessica differentiated her blended class.  I want to try to incorporate this into my blended class next year!

And now some previous blog posts from my own blog:

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