New Year’s Predictions!

Predictions for 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Each year, I like to start off with horoscope predictions for the upcoming year.  I have written them to include predictions for 2019!

Horoscopos_ 2019

If you want, you can have students also review their horoscope for 2018 and see what came true and what didn’t!  (You can also see some other great ideas to use when you come back from break with that post.)

This year, I am modifying my activity to complete after reading the horoscopes.  I want them to reflect on it then complete an interpersonal activity.  I have been thinking a lot after watching some of Meredith White’s YouTube videos and reading about Kara’s BVP tasks about how I plan interpersonal activities.  I want students to complete these activities before planning a full class conversation.  Then, we can talk about our hopes for the New Year and what types of predictions we prefer as a class.

I also love to show my classes that have done the Gordo commercial unit, these photos of the winners!  You can also show the video of the children singing the numbers.  There are also a few articles about the winners.  This story is about two women from Argentina that live in Spain and won the lottery.  There is also a sadder story about a man who won the lottery and died the next day.  I have found that when I follow up with these activities students enjoy them because they realize the significance of what we studied.

After this, students can complete this EdPuzzle that I found, and we can use Kristel Rabideau’s activity to chime in the new year with mini marshmallows!  How do you plan to start your school year in January?

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Predictions!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Horóscopo lessons. I used them in my classes when we returned from winter break and they really connected with the kids. The materials were easy to use and very helpful. Thank you, again, for sharing!!

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