La Lotería de la Navidad: Levels 2-3

22 otra vez

Kara and I have been busy making these units!  While she took upper levels and level 1, I aimed for level 2 and 3.  Some of our ideas are modified from each other (the slideshow, the BVP task, the introductory reading) and then we each put our own spin on it!  It was a lot of fun to develop this together and collaborate.  In addition to these activities, I added my own Integrated Performance Assessment with accompanying rubrics, a Flipgrid activity and a two page reading activity about the cultural products in the commercial with accompanying activities.  You can determine what levels will work best for your students!

You can buy it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  Thank you for your support!

Below I have included a preview of the first few slides, so you can decide if it will be the appropriate level for your students:

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