Brillante Viernes: November 16, 2018

brillante viernes november 16

Happy Friday!  I was coming back from a wedding on Monday, and then we had a snow day on Thursday, so I had an unexpected three day week!  Next week, we have parent-teacher conferences though, and I have certainly been busy grading.  I am bummed not to see everyone in ACTFL, but since I am going to present at NECTFL, I decided to wait until ACTFL is in DC next year.

However, I do have a few exciting announcements of my own!  I am really excited that PEARLL will be joining forces with We Teach Languages!  The most recent podcast explains a lot of the details.  PEARLL is a National Foreign Language Center out of the University of Maryland, and I am hoping that soon I can pop in and visit since it is in my home state.

Also, I have been working with Kara Jacobs on both of our snow days on the newest lottery commercial!  I am excited that we are planning to make resources for both upper level classes and novice classes.  Meanwhile, check out these posts from this week:

  • Carrie shared another excellent unit on environmental health!
  • I love these fun and meaningful time fillers for the end of class.
  • Laura is back and has a blog about personal homework choices.
  • Marc has a great post on how to incorporate the future tense into class.  My students do well speaking in the past and present, but I want to focus even more on the future this year.

More posts of mine from the past:


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