Brillante Viernes: November 2, 2018

Brillante Viernes: November 2

Happy Friday!  Whew!  We made it through Halloween being on a Wednesday.  I am really excited for GWATFL this Saturday!  I will be tweeting throughout the event with the hashtag #gwatfl2018.  I know others will be as well, so you can follow along even if you can’t be at the conference.  Speaking of conferences, I added my thoughts with tips about conferences on the We Teach Languages podcast!  Here are some other posts from this week to check out:

  • Since the year starts to drag in November, check out this post on the importance of gratitude in our lives.
  • Lisa blogs about the do’s and don’ts of vocabulary lists.  What would you add?
  • I can’t wait to hear Leslie talk this weekend at GWATFL!  Here is her most recent post about teaching grammar through authentic resources.
  • Jeremy is the master of great YouTube ideas- and I love the way he incorporates stories into his newest video series.  Check them out!

Posts from previous years:


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